These are the five players who could help the Las Vegas Aces finally win a championship!

#5 Sylvia Fowles

#5 Sylvia Fowles

Depth will be the name of the game for the Las Vegas Aces in 2022, and that's why they need to invest in a center that can carry the load when the star is on the bench. Whether that turns out to be Liz Cambage or someone else is up for debate, but the point is that adding depth to the position would be a massive plus for a team already on the verge of a championship. Fortunately for the Aces, Slyvia Folwes is quite the candidate.

Not only is that evident by her great field goal percentages, which would be a huge asset from the bench, but also by her average of ten rebounds per game in 2021. She would thrive in the Aces' offense.

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